program | international competition liquid landscapes, ideas for the Po river
location | Reggio Emilia
surface | 100 km
ente banditore | Province of Reggio Emilia, Biennal of Landscape of Reggio Emilia
team | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Marta Bianchi, Arch.Mario Lamber, Arch.Luca Ladinetti, Arch.Valentina Milani, Agr.Elisa Biondi

Aware of the evolution of this territory over the time, the project keeps far away from nostalgic impulses for black and white photos or memories of a distant paradise. No trip to the past or to ideal states, the intent is to trigger new activities that preserve, however, the taste for old photos and memories. The signs of the ancient flow of the water are carefully collected and, as if they were living a new life, their winding movement is released to new and vibrant woods. The result is the definition of new horizons that, together with other stuff and texture, hint at the story of disappeared meanders. What one was water now it is green. The new woods _ renewable energy sources, buffer systems to climate change, oxygen tanks _ create new environmental continuities, linking existing pieces of wood. Water and vegetation, as two lines in a perpetual dance, chase each other, overlap, approach, creating new environments and ecosystems.