program | graduation project
location | Gateway National Recreation Area, New York, USA
site surface | 10800 ha
project surface | 550 ha
team | Mario Assisi, Valentina Milani
mentor | Arch.Daniela Moderini
expositions | V biennal of landscape of barcellona
awards | special IFLA award_transforming with water

Zone limit between earth and water, paradigm of situations of transition comprised between woven cities and waters of seas and oceans, thermometer of the climatic variations and the state of health the territory is firstly dynamic and processes in action. Constituted from dune systems and semiemerged lands, the modeling action of the wind and that corrosive of the water are constantly modifying its limits. While the near city, according to needs and desires, varies periodically contents and composition. With such forces (natural and not) the plan does try a comparison, interpreting the park as true laboratory in which monitor and experiment the field of energies that animate it, becoming resource of data and information on issues of global interest.
The plan is developed on more scales, starting from the entire park in order then to concentrate itself on a segment of it. At Floyd Bennet Field, former municipal airport of New York, territory synthesis of the problematics and the potentials of the park, that the project tries to verify such intentions and strategies