program | Landscaping of the open spaces of the new headquarter of TozziSUD. S.p.A.
location | Mezzano (RA)
study area | 7ha
project area | 4.5ha
client | Studio Daniela Moderini for Tozzi.S.p.A.
service | collaboration on the preliminary studies, final project and supervision in construction.

The construction area is located along the northern edge of the town of Mezzano, close to the municipality of Bagnacavallo, on the right bank of Lamone river. “Mezzano, town born by the river”: this is the title of the book written by A. Barisani about the history of this town, underlining how the birth and development of Mezzano are strictly connected to the turbulent course of Lamone river set against the human interference that, from time to time, changed the water-course or reclaimed the marshy lands according to the need of the people living there.
It was an uneven struggle, due to lack of means and technology, but with the time passing by, the “Mizano valleys” turned to be fruitful and cultivable. The near presence of Lamone river (of great impact from the point of view of the environment and also historically speaking) plays a decisive action in the preparation of the project, affecting several choices about morphology of the soil, topographic modeling, composition of plant elements and choice of species of trees and shrubs.