program | temporary arrangement
location | Ferrara
surface | 2500 mq
client | Spazio Grisu
team | INOUTarchitettura, Impresa Schivina
workgroup | Arch.Mario Assisi (project leader), Arch.Valentina Milani, Arch.Simone Braschi
service | project and supervision in construction

On the event of “Internazionale” Festival in Ferrara, Spazio Grisù is introduced as the first factory of creativity in Emilia Romagna. The area is an abandoned complex that formerly was the Headquarter of the fire-brigade of Ferrara: nowadays the provincial administration has granted it to an Association in a loan for use. The idea is to use it as an important regional incubator for creative firms. For the national press conference and the opening party we have chosen the main courtyard of the complex. INOUTarchitettura was charged to arrange the external space for the opening event.
Everything is realized using recycled material. Objects found on the place are exploited and reinterpreted. Some wooden slabs and a big table are realized by assembling concrete formworks, borrowed from local builders. The lighting is the most important element of the whole dressing, fit for creating the correct atmosphere for the evening opening event: lines of light illuminate the furniture, some spotlights light up from the bottom side the old lime-treetops that overlook the courtyard and the windows of the tower tinge with red. The artists Cuoghi and Corsello have realized the big G, symbol of Grisù.