program | international competition for a kindergarden and a practice room for music
location | Sluderno
surface | 1300 mq
client | Municipality of Sluderno
budget | 1.500.000E
team | INOUTarchitettura, APTSarchitect
workgroup | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Aleksandar Petrov, Ing.Francesco Citro, Ing.Vincenzo Carpentieri

After the demolition of the existing building, a complex made up of two new structures with different destination of use will be realized: one will be dedicated to the school activities of the kindergarten and the other will be used by the municipal band of Sluderno. At the beginning the project did not provide any separation, the activities of the band had to take place in the basement of the same building in which there were school lessons. Then we decided to grant each activity its own space, underlining the functional and perceptual importance of both destinations of use, hence the idea of having two separate structures. The result is a hybrid building, mixed-in-use, where the social function is accentuated also by the presence of an empty space inserted between the two structures.
Through a flight of stairs that turns to be a sort of internal promenade or through an elevator, you have access to the upper floors. The school building, the internal space of the courtyard, the stairs and the ceiling of the music room are characterized by the use of wood. The stairs can also be used for school plays or as theater when there is mild temperature outside. Climbing the stairs you can reach the ceiling of the music room. The feeling you have by hearing the music coming from the room below gives you the idea of riding a wave music: the perception of hearing and the real physical sensation due to the vibrations of the musical instruments that travel through the room, bring the audience to a dreamlike dimension. The sound comes out from some skylights, the curiosity of the kids increases: they can observe the musicians without any danger of falling. The effect is mainly evident during the evening, when you can see the light filtering through the ceiling. The light becomes the symbol of one of the noblest forms of art: music.