program | requalification of a public park
location | Parco Zardi, Copparo
surface | 6000 mq
client | Comune di Copparo
budget | 25.000E
team | INOUTarchitettura
workgroup | Arch.Valentina Milani, Arch.Mario Assisi
service | preliminary, final, executive project and supervision in construction

”SicuraMente il nostro parco” is a project of urban security promoted by the Municipality of Copparo (FE) and co-financed by the Region Emilia Romagna. The program is the requalification of the Park of Villa Zardi in Copparo. The park has been designed by a shared partnership of young people of Copparo with the collaboration of Cooperativa Camelot. It will be dedicated to the memory of Franco Bolognesi, and it will be called PG Franchino 9. The result is a green public area with a specific route to identify spaces with different functionalities, from sport and playing to relax and entertainment. This route, besides structuring the park, is thought as potential connection with Primo Maggio Street, turning the park into a place for crossing and urban connection. The design of the vegetation schedules, the planting of flowering trees all along the route to create points of shadow and relax and also the planting of a big tree of Liriodendron tulipifera (Tree of tulips) devoted to Franchino: this tree is magnificent during springtime thanks to its elegant blossom and also in the autumn when the leaves turn yellow.