program | International competition for a Diffused Hotel
location | Rosciolo de Marsi (AQ)
project area |2000 mq
build up area | 800 mq
client | Comune di Magliano dei Marsi
budget | 1.000.000 E
team | Arch.Paolo Lamber, Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Mario Lamber, Arch.Luca Ladinetti, Arch.Valentina Milani, Ing.Fiorella Lamber
publication | New Italian Blood 2010, Giornale dell’Architettura
exposition | Itinerary exhibition ”Architetture in ConCorso”_Museo MAXXI di Roma, Tokyo, Palermo.

The feeling you have when you walk across the streets of the historic village of Rosciolo is to plunge in the history of the place and at the same time to be invaded by nature. You are no longer in one place, you are part of a context. The idea is to use the project as a vehicle for the knowledge of the territory, turning the village into a gateway to the environment and its rich landscape, history and culture. The narrative-information dimension overlaps to the real-physical dimension: the space becomes a not only functional but also a communicative map. The project is not intended to be a plastic surgery, a facelift cancelling the signs of aging, but rather it wants to emphasize the expressive wrinkles that make a place unique. The new element becomes a set of immediately recognizable inserts with an important communicative role and intended to exploit the existing elements. More than a final design solution we can speak about an intervention strategy consisting of key attitudes, capable of supporting an ongoing project, such as the one concerning Rosciolo.