program | temporary installation
location | Budrio (BO)
surface | 400 mq
client | Association Torri dell’Acqua
sponsor | Fondazione Cocchi and Flora 2000
team | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Roberta Fusari, Arch.Mario Lamber, Arch.Luca Ladinetti, Andrea Pagani, Arch.Valentina Milani
service | project and realization
publicationi | Catalog of the Vth Biennal Of Landscape of Barcellona

On the occasion of the opening of the Water Towers(ex-Aqueduct) in Budrio (BO) we were called to realized the arrangement of the open spaces overlooking the building. The main idea of the project is to evoke the presence of the water: an element that represented the main character of the site in the past.We use sheed steel coat with zinc and plants with silvery colors (teucrium fruticans, juncus, festuca glauca, fejioia sellowiana).The reflection game between the two elements trasform the soil in a fluid material, where the surroundings is reflecting and deforming.