program | international competition ”Parco d’Arte nel quartiere Casanova”
location | Bolzano
superficie | 1700 mq
client | Institute for Social Housing of the Province of Bolzano
budget | 120.000 E
team | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Valentina Milani

The height of the building with its long shadow is what unquestionably marks the context. The windows are expressions of the life that animates these great and mighty houses. Open, brightly lit, with closed shutters and drawn curtains: each of them mentions, through small details, what happens inside, becoming the meeting point between the flow of everyday private life and the surrounding public space. The idea is to characterize the court, compressed by these high curtains, just starting from the view of the latter, imagining that the sun, in its daily movement, projects them on the ground, penetrating the materiality of the built environment. A conceptual and provocative reversal, which aims to structure the public open space alluding to the social dimension of the buildings.11: 00 am, the sun is in the south-east. A drawing appears on the ground. The view of the building perspective becomes a space you can live in and trample. The succession and the size of the “holes” become structural matrix, each window is an “empty” tessera that can be colonized. From the mere reference to the social dimension, the project becomes participatory and welcoming, offering a list of possible ways to occupy the new “holes”, so that the final order of the court is an expression of identification and community participation.
Each tessera can be a step / hole / podium / a sitting / a bath / a tile / a piece of vegetation / a sheet of water etc. The simple two-dimensional drawing is turned into a three-dimensional ground, made up of full and empty spaces, high and low elements, spaces to lie down, sit, jump, hide, and play.