program | international competition for the riqualification of the ”ex batteria militare Carlo Faldi” and of the coastal compendium of Is Mortorius
location | Municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)
surface | 8 ha
client | Agenzia conservatoria delle coste della sardegna
budget | 320.000 E
team | Arch.Daniela Moderini (project leader), Arch.Antonio Ravalli, Arch.Federica Orru, Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Giuseppe Crispino, Arch.Valentina Milani, Arch.Simone Pelliconi

Is Mortorius is a place where traces of prehistoric, historic and modern layers overlap almost exactly, and all of them show the strategic importance, recognized for centuries up to the present, as outpost for observation of the promenade and for control and protection of the inhabitants, in communication both with other similar control points and with the inland. The project involves the reinterpretation of the correct methods of understanding and studying the area according to three main themes: archaeological resource, “diffuse hotel”, defense. Archaeological resource: Nuraghe Diana is still a powerful and yet unknown component of a network of nuragiche towers whose goal is to transform the entire compendium in a park-based laboratory of scientific activities, research and teaching, with the implementation of archaeological camps, open to the participation of tourists and locals interested in the cultural and environmental resources. “Diffuse Hotel”: the park-based laboratory of Is Mortorius aims at developing and promoting the historic and naturalistic archaeological resources of the territory, of the coast and of the sea water, as well as organizing and coordinating cultural, recreational and educational activities in line with the potentiality of the area and in collaboration with the already existing activities. Defense of the territory: the deterioration due to neglect and indiscriminate use of natural and built spaces represent a serious problem. Notwithstanding this, bathers and visitors are not considered “enemies”, but distracted and harmful attackers. The project aims at creating a real awareness for a proper use of environment and resources, with positive examples to be taken as a model to be extended to the wider surrounding area.