program | small garden for a hotel
location | San’t Agata Bolognese
surface  | 250 mq
client | SABL
budget | 100.000 E
team | Arch.Paolo Lamber (project leader), Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Mario Lamber
service | collaboration for the project and supervision in construction

It is a small garden for a hotel enclosed by a hedge. The project consists of two elements. A stripe of vegetation made of small mapple trees that marks the entrance and a continuous surface of heat treated timber that constitutes the paths and the spaces intended for rest and dedicated to the visitors of the hotel. The surface includes a pool, a whirlpool bath and has two vertical folds that underline the two entrances: the entrance of the garden on one side, the entrance of the building on the other side. During the night a disposition of lines generates a magic atmosfere of light.