program | international competition for the urban park “Campi Diomedei” on the area called “ex Ippodromo”
location | Foggia
surface | 20ha
client Municipality of Foggia
team | Arch.Daniela Moderini (capogruppo), Arch.Giovanni Selano, Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Valentina Milani

The geometric and regulator layout that fixes the principle of the settlement of Campi Diomedei arises from the intersection of several historic signs that make this urban area interesting, rich in history and guardian of valuable paleontological relics. From one side the perfect geometry of paths and fences of the hippodrome, dated beginning of the twentieth century, still partially perceptible; from the other side the texture, built on the footprints of elements characterizing the archaic landscape, on the signs of its hypothetical morphology, on the probable paths of the ditches outside the Neolithic settlement. The final result is a cross-system of curved lines that generate the settlement, its functions and distribution. The project is based on the recomposition of the elements of the archaic landscape: it revives in the abstract the footsteps of the geomorphologic evolution of the territory, marked by erosion and accumulation of alluvial soils, marshes and water flows in the Neolithic ditches. The landscape is strictly under the influence of the ancient and unstable relationship between water and land, the second to be protected against the first to have safe spaces for settlement and agriculture. The Neolithic villages are the first examples of the land reclamation in Tavoliere area. Campi Diomedei are the result of the combination of land, water, vegetation (“structuring” elements), wind, sunlight and shadow (“changeable”, “moving” elements), that increase the suggestion of the visitor who wanders in this place, full of charm and history.