programma | Progetto per un’allestimento temporaneo
localizazzione | Roma
superficie progetto | 400 mq
commitente | MAXXI Museo delle Arti del XX secolo
prestazione | progetto preliminare

Aladdin is the idea of a magic object, a flying carpet that lightly occupies the public space offering itself as a place of escape from reality, a place to play, dream and show that turns each user into a prince. It is an installation that wants to condense into a single object a variety of programs being at the same time ground, coverage and landmark. Basic elements characterizing the pattern of the carpet are the balloons with helium and cold air, in different sizes and heights. Positioned according to a regular grid, the result is a topography whose profile changes from touching the ground in some parts, creating places to relax and play, and detaching from it in other parts, becoming a shading screen. Only a few exceptions: some pixels of Aladdin become significant because they escape the grid and invade the square or they rise over all the others and become landmarks visible from far away or they are so small that they turn into an opportunity to play and relax. The carpet touches the ground leaving it mostly intact. In the parts where Aladdin is detached from the ground and becomes a shadow, taking advantage of the topographical structure of the square, a few strips of water are inserted to multiply and reflect the pattern on the ground. These areas of rest and relax are completed by small scattered pixels that, individually or in groups, are offered as soft seatings. One of these strips, no more of water but made up of reflective material and positioned at the same height of the last large step, structures together with it the space for the stage: in front of Maxxi square, slipped with respect to the projection of the carpet, it turns the whole installation into scenic backdrop. The remaining space is all play and movement: an invitation to get lost into the pattern of the carpet.
By night each balloon becomes light. The modularity of the pattern allows the creation of different configurations, depending on the program of the evenings. Turning on all the pixels Aladdin becomes an entire illuminated surface of different colors, becoming the scenic backdrop of Maxxi square or an opportunity for entertainment and show. Turning on only some of them instead, the result is a discreet presence lighting up the warm summer evenings .